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Climate Change/Air Quality Laboratory
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Kent Burkey and Dr. Fitzgerald Booker

Strategies to Predict and Manipulate Responses of Crops and Crop Disease to Anticipated Changes of Carbon Dioxide, Ozone and Temperature

The long-term objectives of this laboratory are to improve our ability to predict how cropping systems will respond to projected changes in climate and formulate adaptive management practices.An underlying theme of the research is the potential use of genetic selection to adapt and enhance crop productivity in a changing climate.

The air quality and climate change factors of interest are carbon dioxide, ozone, temperature and vapor pressure deficit.

Soybean germplasm is being evaluated for ozone tolerance, and ozone-tolerance genes are being mapped.

Interactions between climate change factors and stem rust in wheat are being investigated.

Field experiments with elevated carbon dioxide and ozone improve our understanding of how air pollution and climate change affect crop productivity.