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Dr. Van-Den Truong

Research Leader

Food Science Research Unit

322 Schaub Hall

Box 7624, NC State University

Raleigh, NC  27695-7624

Telephone:  919-513-7781

Fax:  919-513-0180




Our unit's mission is to develop improved processes for the preservation and utilization of vegetables, including cucumbers, sweetpotatoes, peppers, and cabbage, which will enhance quality, retain nutrients, assure safety, reduce energy use, and minimize high salt processing wastes.



For cucumbers, peppers, and cabbage, we focus on preservation by fermentation or acidification to produce sauerkraut and pickled vegetables.  The development of highly nutritious purees, dehydrated flakes, and fresh-cut pieces is the objective of our sweetpotato processing research.  We do research to improve the quality and preservation procedures for vegetables so they are readily available to consumers and have desirable flavor, texture, and color characteristics which will encourage consumers to take advantage of the nutritional benefits that are derived from regular and frequent inclusion of vegetables in their diets.  Other very important aspects of our research are to assure the microbiological safety of processed vegetables and to reduce the generation of processing wastes that could harm the environment.


The scientific publications of this laboratory are available as Adobe Acrobat pdf files and are listed in chronological order from latest to earliest at the following website:

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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