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Blair J Sampson

Research Entomologist

Blair Sampson Research Interests

Small Fruits & Vegetable Crop Pollination and Native bee management

  • Managing Blue Orchard Bees (Osmia ribifloris) for commercially pollinating blueberries.
    Cooperator: James H. Cane
  • Bumble bee management for pollinating greenhouse fruits and vegetables  
  • Pollination biology and requirements of wild and cultivated small fruits and vegetable crops.  
  • Honey bee pollination of small fruits and vegetables.
    Cooperator: Robert Danka /people-locations/person?person-id=1258
image of bees mating
 Courtship behavior of Osmia ribifloris.

Integrated Pest Management and other related Interests

  • Taxonomy, ecology and conservation of endoparasitic wasps (e.g. Eulophidae, Ceraphronidae, Platygasteridae) associated with the blueberry gall midge complex (Dasineura oxycoccana, Prodiplosis vaccinii). Cooperators:
    Michael Schauff
    Oscar Liburd
  • Field efficacy trials for reduced-risk insecticides useful in small fruit and vegetable IPM programs. Cooperator:
    Oscar Liburd
  • Screening and developing botanical and mineral-based pesticides for control of nursery, greenhouse and field pests in IPM & Organic production systems. Cooperators:
    David Wedge, Nurhayat Tabanca (Anadolu University, Turkey)
    Jerry McLaughlin (Nature's Sunshine Products)
    Fumiomi Takeda, Michael Glenn  
  • Organic and Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA)
  • Scientific Illustration
wasp parasatoids
Adult Synopeas (Platygasteridae) endoparasitoid associated with Dasineura oxycoccana & Prodiplosis vaccinii. ? Blair Sampson 2003.
parasatoid larvea
Immature stages of platygasterid wasps associated with Dasineura oxycoccana & Prodiplosis vaccinii. ? Blair Sampson 2003

Civic Program

  • Teaching children and adults the importance of insects with the help of a living arthropod zoo and other entomological exhibits (local school visits, environmental workshops, career days, and in-house tours).
image of gall midge laying eggs
 Dasineura oxycoccana laying her eggs inside a blueberry flower bud.