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Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 1.06 - Download RUSLE 1.06c
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Current version

Download RUSLE1.06c

Several files are available for downloading by following the instructions given below. RUSLE1.06c uses four input files for climate, operations, vegetation, and site description. Download the RUSLE1.06c program file along with a climate (city) file, operations file, vegetation file, and an example site description (user input) files. These files (citylist, oplist, croplist) are needed to create user input files for specific situations and sites. The example user input files illustrate use of these files. RUSLE 1.06c runs on any PC under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and Windows XP. 

        The vegetation and operation files can also be modified and expanded to provide data specifically tailored to your needs. However, the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has developed extensive data files on a wide range of vegetation and operations. These data files were developed by NRCS technical specialists and have been inspected for consistency and appropriateness. The NRCS files should be first considered before developing new data files. Copies of NCRS data files can be obtained by contacting the NRCS state agronomist in your state or by contacting Dave Lightle. The downloadable files include:

Executable version of RUSLE1.06c (February 20, 2004)
Core climate (city) file
Core vegetation file for cropland
Core vegetation file for mining, construction, and reclamation lands
Core operations file for cropland
Core operations file for mining, construction, and reclamation lands

Example user input (*.rus) files for cropland

Example user input (*.rus) files, including files fro examples in OSM manual, for mining, construction, and reclamation lands

This table lists the two versions of RUSLE with their relevant files.

To download and install:

    Click on the button for the version you wish to download, and save the self-extracting zip file to a temporary location on your hard drive. Run the executable to extract the included files. (You may accept the default subdirectory, or specify one of your choice).
    Software VersionExecutable
    RUSLE 1.06c (mining, construction, and reclaimed sites)

    RUSLE 1.06c (agriculture)