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Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 1.06 - Assistance
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Getting RUSLE1.06c Assistance

If you are an employee of an agency that has implemented RUSLE1.06c, first contact your designated technical specialist for RUSLE1.06c in your agency.

In particular: NRCS personnel should contact their state agronomist or state technical specialist having RUSLE1.06c responsibility.

(note: make surface that each name has an email that can be reached by clicking on their names. Some names in some instances are not green as if the proper information is not behind them)

General information about RUSLE1.06c and the RUSLE1 project: M.J.M. (Matt) Romkens, Seth Dabney

General user questions: Seth Dabney, Dave Lightle,

Input data and data files: Dave Lightle, Seth Dabney

Cropland applications: Dave Lightle, Seth Dabney, Don McCool

Applications in the Western and Northwestern US: Don McCool, Seth Dabney

Applications in the Southern US: Seth Dabney, Dave Lightle, Ron Bingner

Applications in the Midwest and Northeastern US: Dave Lightle, Seth Dabney

Scientific equations used in RUSLE: Seth Dabney, Daniel Yoder, Don McCool

Computer programming: Daniel Yoder

Incorporating RUSLE in other applications like GIS: Daniel Yoder, Seth Dabney

Use of RUSLE in storm based water quality models: Ron Bingner, Seth Dabney

International application of RUSLE: Seth Dabney, Dave Lightle, Daniel Yoder,

Computation of erosivity from rainfall records: Seth Dabney

Soil erodibility: Seth Dabney, Dave Lightle, Matt Romkens

Topography:Seth Dabney, Don McCool, Daniel Yoder,

Cover-management (cultural) practices: Seth Dabney, Dave Lightle

Support practices: Seth Dabney, Dave Lightle

Crop Residue: Dave Lightle, Diane Stott, Seth Dabney

Manure Management: Dave Lightle, Diane Stott, Seth Dabney

Web site: Seth Dabney

RUSLE1.06c documentation and user guides: Seth Dabney, Ron Bingner, Don McCool

Collection of field information to build data bases: Dave Lightle, Don McCool, Seth Dabney

Field research for RUSLE: Don McCool, Seth Dabney, Dave Lightle