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Raed M. El-Farhan
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Raed M. EL-Farhan

Senior Water Resources Engineer

The Louis Berger Group, Inc.

1819 H Street NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC
Telephone: 202 331 7775
Fax: 202 293 0787
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Ph.D. Environemtal Engineering (Aquatic Chemistry), MS. Environmental Systems Engivneering (Water Resources), B.S. Civil Engineering.
Technical Interests:
Watershed planning and management, point and nonpoint source management, environmental and water quality modeling to support the EPA TMDL program.

Assessing Surface Water Quality in Urban Watersheds under EPA's Clean Water Compliance Watch EMPACT. J. Collins, R. El-Farhan, L. Reed, T. McKenzie, and S. Ruben. Watershed 2000 Conference, July 2000, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Review of Potential Modeling Tools and Approaches to Support the BEACH Program. R. El-Farhan, M. Lahlou, M. Dannel, 1999. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water, Report No. 823-R-99-002.

Effect of Subsurface Material Component Removal on the Sorption of Heavy Metals. R.M. El-Farhan, A.W. Elzerman, and M.E. Newman, Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management VIII Conference, September 1996, Birmingham, Alabama.

Contaminant Plume Modification Effects on Heavy Metal Sorption and Release from SRS Soil. R.M. El-Farhan, A.W. Elzerman, and M.E. Newman, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 17th Annual Meeting, November 1996, Washington, DC.

Improving the Cost-Effectiveness and Performance of Erosion Control Systems. Dysart, B.C., R.M. El-Farhan, and M.A. Lancasster, Presentation at the National Conference of Sediment Control Program Administrators. June 12-14, 1988, Charleston, South Carolina.

Storm Water Quality Monitoring for the Bad Creek and Coley Creek Projects During 1988, Dysart, B.C., R.P. Gorlich, A.R. Abernathy, and R.M. El-Farhan, Report No. DPC/CC-TCR-04-1089, to Duke Power Co., Charlotte, North Carolina.

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