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Use of Willow Cutting for Stream Bank Restoration
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  • Principal Investigator : Dr. S. R. Pezeshki,     Dr. F. Douglas Shields, Jr.
  • Problem: Willow cuttings are often used to rapidly revegetate eroding streambanks and damaged riparian zones. However, early establishment and survival of cuttings is often very poor.
  • Objective: The aim of this research is to develop techniques for assessing the suitability of streambanks for willow planting. In addition, techniques for enhancing the success of plantings are being studied.
  • Description of Work: Work includes controlled laboratory and greenhouse experiments as well as field studies of willow plantings that are parts of stream corridor rehabilitation projects. Willow growth and vigor are monitored and compared with key physical variables such as soil texture, groundwater elevation, soil water availibility, and soil redox potential.
  • Soaked willow poles awaiting planting 

  • Benefit : The goal of this research is to improve technology for restoring riparian zones, creating forested buffer strips, and stabilizing eroding streambanks with vegetation. This knowledge will be used by the USDA, other federal and State agencies and landowners.
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  • Last Modified: 2/13/2017
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