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Poultry Research Unit

The mission of the Poultry Research Unit is to improve the health and rearing environment of poultry and to improve poultry production efficiency and product quality. Disease, engineering, management, nutrition, and waste management research are conducted with a multi-disciplinary approach. The disease research is directed toward Mycoplasma infections of economic importance with emphasis on development of techniques to identify and prevent mycoplasmal infections and documentation of the costs of those infections. The engineering component of our production research acquires basic data and develops systems for maintaining optimum poultry housing conditions. Management and nutrition research seek improved growth rate and feed:gain through nutrition and feeding programs and identification of optimum environments.

The staff includes an agricultural engineer, two molecular biologists, a poultry research scientist, (management systems specialist), a management/nutrition specialist, an immunologist, a poultry stress physiologist, and a veterinary medical officer.