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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

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Location Coordinator-Dr. Ricardo Goenaga
Administrative Officer-Salvio Torres
Secretary-Maribel Rold?n
Office Automation Assistant- Esmeralda Lorenzo
Accounting Technician-Myriam ?lvarez
Maintenance Worker-Alexis Mendoza
Gardener-Ram?n Montalvo
Gardener- Ram?n Mayol
Custodian-Josu? Arocho

Research and Support

Genetic Resources Management of Sorghum

Research Geneticist / Sorghum Curator- Dr. Hugo Cuevas
Farmer-Luis Nieves

Clonal Repository for Tropical and Subtropical Germplasm

Horticulturist/Geneticist-Dr. Brian Irish
Research Plant Physiologist / Location Coordinator -Dr. Ricardo Goenaga
Biological Science Research Technician- Yaleidis M?ndez
Biological Science Aid -Angel O. Santiago
IT Specialist -Carlos R?os

Development of Integrated Systems for Subtropical/Tropical Fruit Crop Production

Research Plant Physiologist / Location Coordinator -Dr. Ricardo Goenaga
Research Entomologist-Dr. David Jenkins
Chemist-Delvis P?rez
Agricultural Research Technician- Jos? Luis Rodr?guez
Agr. Science Research Technician-Angel Marrero
Agr. Science Research Technician- Pablo R?os
Biological Technician-Tomas Miranda

Characterization, Conservation and Improvement of Common Bean Germplasm

Research Geneticist-Dr. Timothy Porch
Agricultural Research Technician-Abraham Montes

Increase and Phytosanitary Assessment of Quarantined and Tropically Adapted Genetic Resources

Research Plant Physiologist / Location Coordinator -Dr. Ricardo Goenaga
Tractor Operator-Reinardo Vasquez
Farmer-Luis Parrilla

Support Staff (Isabela Farm)

Agricultural Research Technician / Farm Liaison- Elkin Vargas

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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