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Popular Articles
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National Public Radio

  • Our Favorite Banana May Be Doomed; Can New Varieties Replace It? (html)


ARS Magazine

  • Fruitful Studies in Puerto Rico (html)

  • A Century of Tropical Agricultural Research (html) /(pdf)

  • Resetting Sorghum's Internal Clock (html) /(pdf)

  • Mayagüez Lab Helps Farmers in the Tropics (html) /(pdf)

  • Sorghum Collection Screening Reveals New Sources of Anthracnose Resistance  (html) /(pdf)

  • Puerto Rico: An Island Source of Extraordinary Ornamentals (html) /(pdf)

  • Tempering Beans' Reaction to Heat (html) /(pdf)

  • It Pays to Irrigate Bananas and Plantains (pdf)

  • New Cacao Selections Offer Sweet Relief to Chocolate Growers  (html)


Fruit Gardener (CRFG Magazine)

  • Puerto Rico: 100 Years of Agricultural Research (pdf)