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Musa Taxonomic Reference Collection Catalog
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The catalog for the Musa (banana) Taxonomic Reference Collection has been developed by the USDA-ARS Tropical Agriculture Research Station (TARS) in collaboration with Bioversity International. The catalog is the culmination of characterization efforts carried out at the TARS research station in Isabela, PR. This local characterization is part of a larger collaborative project being coordinated by Bioversity International which aims at an in-depth characterization of the taxonomic reference collection (TRC). The TRC is composed of 34 accessions representing the diversity of Musa. By comparing the characterizations obtained for the 34 accessions of the TRC, with each of the 120 existing descriptors in each of the different sites, the descriptors/traits that are the least variable in diverse environments can be identified.


The Musa TRC catalog is a tool that has been developed in an effort to consolidate detailed information on specific banana germplasm accessions that form part of the TRC. As such it is an instrument that can be used for research and educational purposes. Data in the catalog includes passport and descriptor information, agronomic performance, molecular fingerprints and voucher images for each of the 34 TRC accessions. The catalog can also be used by other banana genetic resources managers that can use the digital images, the values for particular traits and/or the molecular marker data for comparing and contrasting to their germplasm. All of the data collected during the TRC characterization is also available in the National Plant Germplasm System's (NPGS) Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN-Global) database and the Musa Germplasm Information System (MGIS) database. It is not, however, in catalog format.


The TARS site is part of the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS), and as such has acquired, collected, preserved, propagated and evaluated plant germplasm at the current location since its inception in 1901.  Plant genetic resources held at TARS can be officially requested for research and educational purposes by filling out pertinent information in the request form at  The publication can be downloaded as a PDF document and may be reprinted.  However, when using this document for educational and research purposes the USDA and the authors should be acknowledged.  For any comments or questions please feel free to contact us at our NPGS Website.



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