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Distributions of Germplasm
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The National Clonal Germplasm Repository distributes small quantities of germplasm to bona fide researchers, and to nurseries. Distributions can consist of seed, budwood, cuttings, corms, tubers or tissue culture plantlets. Whole plants are seldomly distributed. Germplasm is provided free of charge to research institutions, and nurseries.Some of the germplasm provided may not be certified, and therefore is not tested for disease pathogens or viability.


Some types of germplasm cannot be shipped to certain states, regions or countries, because of the risk of introducing certain pests or pathogens.


Since we are a clonal and not a seed repository, distributions of fruit or seeds are seasonal and only available for a short period while they are on the tree. Tropical seed usually has a short period of viability (recalcitrant), therefore we cannot store seed.


Occasionally, germplasm may be provided to hobbyists or private individuals, or students, but only when this material is not commercially available. This is reviewed on an individual basis. We encourage the public to check their local nurseries before requesting materials. Upon request we may be able to provide names of local nurseries, however, this should not be regarded as any kind of endorsement.


Please understand that it is difficult for us to fulfill requests on short notice. Initial inquiries should be sent by email, letter, or preferably submitted through the grin website.


International (this may also apply to certain states in the U.S.)  Germplasm can be sent around the world, provided the proper documentation, such as Import Permits, or any other required forms or paperwork, are presented where needed. This documentation must include the country's phytosanitary requirements for import, in English. We must adhere to local and international regulations for each state or country. Without the proper documentation germplasm cannot and will not be shipped.



Last Modified: 10/4/2016
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