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United States Department of Agriculture

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ARS Published Manuscripts - 2009

Carithers, T., Talegawkar, S., Rowser, M., Henry, O., Dubbert, P., Bogle, M., Taylor, H.A., Tucker, K. 2009.  Validity and Calibration of Food Frequency Questionnaires used with African American Adults in the Jackson Heart Study. The American Dietetic Association. 109:1184-1193.


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Stewart, K.M., Colley, D., Huff, A., Felix, H., Shelby, B., Strickland, E., McCabe-Sellers, B., Redmond, P., Evans, M., Baker, B., Stephens, G., Nuss, H. 2009.  Participatory development and implementation of a community research workshop:  Experiences from a community-based participatory research (CBPR) partnership.  Progress in community Health Partnerships:  Research, Education, and Action. 3(2):165-178.


McCabe-Sellers, B., Chenard, C., Lovera, D., Champagne, C., Bogle, M.L., Kaput, J. 2009.  Readiness of food composition databases and food component analysis systems for nutrigenomics.  Journal of Food Composition and Analysis. 22 (Supplement 1) : s57-s62.


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Stewart, K.M., Colley, D., Felix, H., Huff, A., Shelby, B., Strickland, E., McCabe-Sellers, B., Redmond, P., Evans, M., Baker, B., Stephens, G.  2009.  Evaluation of a workshop to improve community involvement in community-based participatory research efforts.  Education for Health. 22(3):

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