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United States Department of Agriculture

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ARS Published Manuscripts - 2007

Connell, C.L., Yadrick, M.K., Simpson, P., Gossett, J., McGee, B., Bogle, M.L. 2007. Food supply adequacy in the lower Mississippi delta. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.  39(2):77-83.


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Ndirangu, M., Perkins, H., Yadrick, K., West, J.R., Bogle, M.L., Avis-Williams, A., Santell, R., Connell, C.  2007. Conducting needs assessment using the comprehensive participatory planning and evaluation (CPPE) mode to develop nutrition and physical activity interventions in a rural community in the Mississippi delta. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education and Action. 1(1)41-48.


Zoellner, J., Connell, C., Santell, R., Fungwe, T., Strickland, E., Avis, A., Yadrick, K., Lofton, K., Rowser, M., Powers, A., Lucas, G., Bogle, M.L. 2007. Fit for Life Steps: results of a successful walking trail intervention in the rural Mississippi Delta. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education and Action. 1(1):49-60.


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Nuss, H.J., Freeland-Graves, J.H., Clarke, K., Klohe-Lehman D., Milanti, T.J., Bogle, M.L. 2007.  Greater nutrition knowledge is associated with lower 1-year postpartum weight retention in low-income women.  Journal of American Dietetic Association.  107(10):1801-1806.


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