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The Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center is committed to improving children's development, promoting health and preventing diseases later in life through excellence in nutrition research. The Center strives to develop translational projects to optimize our understanding of how nutrients and dietary factors may impact children's health and nutritional status.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center is to conduct research on the dietary needs that will:  optimize the health of children from conception through adolescence; and maximize their health as adults, especially during aging.  In accomplishing this mission, children and their families are studied relative to commonly eaten foods, and animal and cellular models are developed and utilized. Animal studies are conducted to establish new hypotheses, test existing ones and to clarify basic metabolic function of nutrients and dietary factors in common foods.  Controlled human dietary, metabolic and behavioral studies provide data necessary for evidence-based recommendations and for governmental policy decisions that promote healthy and safe human development.

Institutional Core Values

Integrity - We foster, encourage and expect honesty and the highest ethical standards in all that we do.

Respect - We embrace a culture of professionalism with respect for the dignity of all persons, honoring the unique contributions provided by a diversity of perspectives and cultures.

Teamwork - We seek to create interdisciplinary, synergistic and collegial relationships characterized by collaboration, inclusiveness and flexibility.

Creativity - We encourage and support innovation, imagination, ingenuity, resourcefulness and vision.

Excellence - We strive to achieve, through continuous improvement and adherence to institutional policies and best practices, the highest quality and standards in all our endeavors.

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