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Foundation for Science and Disability Reference
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The Foundation for Science and Disability, founded in 1975, is an affiliate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Its mission is to promote the integration of scientists with disabilities into all activities of the scientific community, and to promote the removal of barriers in order to enable students with disabilities to choose careers in science.

This reference page contains archives, links, and supplementary information that may be helpful to members and others interested in the Foundation.
The home page of the Foundation for Science and Disability is

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Information / Reference

Donations/Membership Dues/Application Form
   Informational Brochure
FSD Constitution

Graduate Student Grant Application Form and instructions.
  (If you need a different format, please email me.)
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NEW for 2019

Doug Van Hoewyk sent us a flier for a NSF Summer 2019 opportunity for undergraduates who have a disability

Hal Frost, a colleague from our 2017 meeting in Boston, contacted us recently and sent us a CV of what he has been up to recently. His career is an example of several iterations of starts and stops, and he hopes it can be an inspiration to someone who faces a bump in the road. Comments, questions ?
CV, other info, letter on "Mental Disability Matters to Society"

 and Hal's first-hand account of being an engineer and scientist with a disability

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Several interesting journal perspective articles and white papers have appeared recently including:

an article on Temple Grandin (

Doctors with disabilities

Helping innovative and creative students beat expectations. (Laureen Summers)

National Academy of Sciences (2018) The Promise of Assistive Technology to Enhance Activity and
Work Participation

Disabilities don't stop these experts (Science News for Students)

Disability is not a disqualification

Accessiblity of laboratories to scientists with disabilities (2016)

Leading the way for scientists with disabilities

EntryPoint! places students with disabilities on STEM tracks (Science Magazine) (Laureen Summers of AAAAS sent us this)

NSF 2015 Report on Women, Minorities and persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering  

Obituary for Melvin Glimcher, pioneer prosthetics researcher

Current Research on Classroom Accommodations and Technologies eBook

Innovation needs a diversity of ideas

Barriers for women in STEM

Workshop for Emerging Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scientists

In Person: My Boss with Stephen Hawking Disease

How having a disability can benefit a STEM career,

Science careers for persons with disabilities  (Nature 469, 2011, p. 255),

The need for a more diverse work force in Biomedical Science (Science 333, 2011, p. 940).

and a Problem Solvers Workshop for Engineers with Disabilities (

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Virginia Stern of AAAS,
a long-time friend of the Foundation for Science and Disability,
has been honored as a champion for students with disabilities.  See these stories:

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FSD Newsletter, Winter 2019 Minutes, February 16, 2019, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, Winter 2018  Minutes, February 17, 2018, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, Winter 2017  Minutes, February 18, 2017, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, Winter 2016 Minutes, February 13, 2016, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, Winter 2015 Minutes, February 13, 2015, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, Winter 2014 Minutes, February 14, 2014, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, Winter 2013 Minutes, February 15, 2013, Annual meeting
  Minutes, February 17, 2012, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, Fall 2011 Minutes, February 18, 2011, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, February  2011 Minutes, February 19, 2010, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, October 2009 Minutes, February 13, 2009, Annual meeting
FSD Newsletter, October 2008 Minutes, February 16, 2008, Annual Meeting
  Minutes, February 17, 2007, Annual Meeting
FSD Newsletter, Fall 2006 Minutes, February 18, 2006,  Annual Meeting
  Minutes, February 19, 2005,  Annual Meeting
  Minutes, February 14, 2004,  Annual Meeting
  Minutes, February 15, 2003,  Annual Meeting
Minutes, February 16, 2002,  Annual Meeting
  Minutes, February 17, 2001,  Annual Meeting
  Minutes, February 19, 2000,  Annual Meeting


Links to related organizations (if one of these doesn't work, let me know and I will try to sleuth out a reconnection):

AAAS Entrypoint! Program

American Association of People with Disabilities

Career Guide for Students with Disabilities
College Resources for Students with Disabilities

College resources for Online Students with Disabilities Resources for K-12 diverse abilities curriculum

Financial aid for college students with disabilities has resources for graduate students with disabilities: Graduate School Success for Students with Disabilities

Incight, Resources for self-empowerment (see section on undergraduate education)
Learn how to suggests resources for persons with disabilities:
Maryville University Disability Resources guide suggests two resources for persons with disabilities: -Scholarships & Grants for Students with Disabilities
and Resources & Funding for Independent Living

National Center for Accessible Transportation

Reference links to 150 websites offering grants to students with disabilities

Resources for  visually impaired students (

Science Education for Students with Disabilities


US Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy

Workforce Recruitment Program for Students with Disabilities

NSF / AAAS / HMMI / NIH/ links of interest:

AAAS report  that includes discussion about careers of  women scientists of color who have disabilities

NIAID training opportunities

NIH-wide training opportunities

National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) training opportunities

National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent
  (Undergraduate student grant program for degrees in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)  

Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postocs and New Faculty (HMMI 2004)

In Pursuit of a Diverse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Workforce: Recommended Research Priorities to Enhance Participation by Underrepresented Minorities (2001)

Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering, 1998
Other useful NSF Links:

NSF 01-67  Regional Alliances for Persons with Disabilities in  Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology  Education (RAD) -- Programs developed by groups of Universities to increase the number of people with disabilities employed in the nation's science, engineering, and technology work force.  Proposals are due on May 15, each year.


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