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Credits Page--Richard Mankin


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    • past and present students and contributors:


Mahmoud Agha
Eddie Atkinson
Jeffrey Barrientos
Emilie Bess
Isaiah Branton
Denise Chester
Yu-Kun Chiu
Meredith Davis
Cornelius Dunmore
Mackenzie Egan
Frauke Fedderwitz
Alexandra Ghalayani
John Green
Spencer Greenfeder
Chloe Hale
Mirian Hay-Roe
Elizabeth Heatherington
Katrina Hutchinson
Daniel Jong
Janet Lane
Brittany Lampson
Brett Miller
Daniel Ortner
Thomson Paris
Sonali Ranjit
Barukh Rohde
Will Sanders
Peter Sun
Amanda Tovar
Mariela Vega
Ariel Zimmerman
    • and many collaborators over the years, including Sandy Allan, Terry Arbogast, Keith Chandler, Peilong Chen, James Coffelt, Robert Crocker, Kathy Flanders, James Fisher, Alan Grant, David Hagstrum, David Hall, Stephen Lapointe,  Oscar Liburd, C. C. Lin, Clay McCoy,  Seth McNeill, Sid Mayer, Aubrey Moore, Robert O'Connell, Faith Oi, Weste Osbrink, John Rodgers, Christian Salcedo, Peter Samson, Jeff Shapiro, Dennis Shuman, Michael T. Smith, Phil Stansly, Lukasz Stelinski, Phil Taylor,  Ken Vick, David Weaver, and Erik Wenninger  (See list of Publications).
    • I would like to acknowledge several sites from which images were downloaded.
      • The citrus root weevil cartoon is courtesy of the Florida Diaprepes Task Force Research Committee
      • Links to sites of other downloaded images are: Anechoic chamber,USDA for Kids


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