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Past Accomplishments

Star iconDiscovered sulfluramids, a new class of delayed action insecticide for control of ants, cockroaches, and termites
Star iconDiscovered and developed 7 chemicals for use in fire ant baits - 5 are commercially available today
Star iconDiscovered fire ant recruitment, attractant, and induction pheromones
Star iconEstablished benefit of pheromone-enhanced baits
Star iconDiscovered hybridization between the red and black imported fire ants
Star iconDiscovered fire ant repellents

Recent Accomplishments

Star iconDiscovered the life cycle of phorid flies and methods to mass rear and field release them
Star iconReleased two Phorid fly species in the field for fire ant control
Star iconDiscovered pathogen Thelohania solenopsae in U.S. and methods to infect field populations
Star iconDiscovered a new spore type in Thelohania solenopsae
Star iconDiscovered Mattesia sp., a new pathogen of fire ants in the U.S
Star iconDeveloped PCR detection method for Thelohania solenopsae
Star iconDetermined that fire ant alarm pheromones attract Phorid flies
Star iconField release and evaluations of 2 fire ant biocontrol agents in 11 southern states
Star iconInitiated first Areawide program for the suppression of fire ants using IPM in 5 states
Star iconDiscovered fire ant attractant for bait enhancement

Future Goals

Plus iconSearch for and develop additional fire ant biological control agents
Plus iconDevelop technology for mass production & delivery of successful biocontrol agents
Plus iconTransfer technology of new biocontrol agents, and formulations to private industry and other federal and state government agencies
Plus iconDevelop novel uses for pheromones in fire ant control
Plus iconTransfer repellent and attractant technology to commercial interests
Plus iconExpand molecular biology & genetic studies
Plus iconImplement Areawide integrated management programs against fire ants


Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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