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Daniel Chellemi
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Dan O. Chellemi, Ph.D.

Research Plant Pathologist  

U. S. Horticultural Research Laboratory
2001 South Rock Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34945
Telephone: (772) 462-5888
Fax: (772) 462-5986

The Chellemi Lab team: Dan Chellemi, Nick Rotindo and Taylor Ivy 

Current Research Projects

Alternatives to Methyl Bromide Soil Fumigation for Vegetable Production

  • Develop, evaluate, and enhance alternative methods for the management of soilborne pests.
  • Measure the impact of pest management and crop production practices on the functional diversity of soil microflora.
  • Identify factors responsible for disease suppressive soils.
  • Design, test, and implement alternative crop production systems achieving multiple economic, ecologic, and social goals including eliminating outbreaks of soilborne pests.

Selected Publications

Chellemi, D.O., Ajwa, H.A., Sullivan, D.A., Alessandro, R.T., Gilreath, J.A., Yates, S.R. 2011. Soil Fate of Agricultural Fumigants in Raised-Bed, Plasticulture Systems in the Southeastern United States. J. Environ. Qual. 40:1.

Chellemi, D.O. 2009. Back to the Future: Total System Management (Organic, Sustainable). In: Gisi, U., Chet, I., and Gullino, M.L. editors. Plant Pathology. Springer Science Series. p. 285-292

Chellemi, D.O. 2006. Effect of urban plant debris and soil management practices on plant parasitic nematodes, Phytophthora blight and Pythium root rot of bell pepper. Crop Protection. DOI: 10.1016/j.cropro.2006.02.012.

Chellemi, D.O., Rosskopf, E.N. 2004. Yield potential and soil quality under alternative crop production practices for fresh market pepper. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. 19:168-175.

Chellemi, D.O. 2002. Nonchemical Management of Soilborne Pests in Fresh Market Vegetable Production Systems. Phytopathology. 92(12):1367-1372.

Chellemi, D.O., Lazarovits, G. 2002. Effect of organic fertilizer applications on growth, yield and pests of vegetables. Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 115:315-321.

Chellemi, D.O., and Porter, I.J. 2001. The role of plant pathology in understanding soil health and its application to production agriculture. Australian Plant Pathology. 30:103-109.

Chellemi, D.O., Mitchell, D.J., Kannwischer-Mitchell, M.E., Rayside, P.A., and Rosskopf, E.N. 2000. Pythiumspp. associated with bell pepper production in Florida. Plant Disease 84:1271-1281.

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Chellemi, D.O., Andersen, P.C., Brodbeck, B., Dankers, W. and Rhoads, F.M. 1998. Correlation of chemical profiles of xylem fluid of tomato to resistance to bacterial wilt. Pp 225-232 in P. Prior, C. Allen, and J. Elphinstone eds, Bacterial Wilt Disease: Molecular and Ecological Aspects. Springer-Verlag/INRA Publishers.

Chellemi, D.O., Rhoads, F.M., Olson, S.M., Rich, J.R., Murray, D., Murray, G. and Sylvia, D.M. 1999. An althernative, low-input production system for fresh market tomatoes. Amer. J. of Alt. Agri. 14(2):59-68.

Chellemi, D.O., Rohrbach, K.G., Yost, R.S., and Sonoda, R.M. 1988. Analysis of the spatial pattern of plant pathogens and diseased plants using geostatistics. Phytopathology 78:221-226.

Chellemi, D.O. and Neher, D.A. 1997. Application of Life Tables to Infection-Chain Concepts. pp. 127-131 in: Exercises in Plant Disease Epidemiology. L.J. Francl and D.A. Neher (eds.) APS Press.

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Chellemi, D.O., Funderburk, J.E., and Hall, D.W. 1994. Seasonal abundance of flower-inhabiting Frankliniella species (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on wild plant species. Environ. Entomol. 23(2): 337-342.

Chellemi, D.O., Dankers, H.A., Olson, S.M., Hodge, N.C., and Scott, J.W. 1994. Evaluating bacterial wilt-resistant tomato genotypes using a regional approach. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 119:325-329.

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