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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Randall P Niedz

Research Geneticist

Randall P. Niedz, Ph.D.
Research Geneticist

U. S. Horticultural Research Laboratory
2001 South Rock Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34945

Telephone: (772) 462-5919
Fax: (772) 462-5986


Research Interests:

  • in vitro plant breeding
  • micropropagation systems
  • experimental design for growth optimization
  • conceptual frameworks for mineral nutrition research

I use molecular, cellular, and statistical knowledge for the use and development of in vitro methods for plant breeding and horticultural applications, with a specific emphasis on citrus.  In vitro methods are useful for creating plant types that are difficult or impossible to create using conventional methods.  Application examples include transgenics, single-cell derived mutants, haploids and dihaploid homozygotes, parasexual hybrids, plastid and mitochondrial cybrids, triploids and other polyploids, pathogen-free germplasm, mass clonal propagaton, and germplasm storage and conservation.



B.S. in Horticulture (Plant Breeding & Genetics) - The Pennsylvania State University

Ph.D. in Plant Breeding & Genetics - Michigan State University


Volunteer Opportunities:

I started a volunteer program that includes projects that are diverse and vary in time commitments, complexity, type, and most importantly, interesting.  Projects include a range of laboratory, computer, and greenhouse activities.  If you have an interest in horticulture, plant breeding, genetics, plant tissue culture, or science in general contact me for additional details.





Last Modified: 5/11/2017
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