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Hall, David
Research Leader
(772) 462-5814
Fort Pierce FL 34945

The mission of the Subtropical Insects and Horticulture Research Unit is to conduct research to increase the productivity, profitability and sustainability of citrus and other subtropical and tropical orchard crops, ornamentals and vegetables. New citrus scions and rootstocks are developed that have enhanced tolerance to environmental stress, resistance to plant diseases and insect pests, and improved fruit quality and yield. Integrated pest management strategies are developed to reduce crop losses to invasive insect pests. New and refined horticultural practices are developed to optimize plant production with little or no negative effects on the enviroment, particularly with respect to reducing the use of pesticides and ensuring the highest of water quality. Three specific areas of research are conducted by the scientists in this Unit: Horticulture and plant breeding, Insect pests of citrus vegetables, grapes and ornamental plants and Water quality and conservation.

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