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Title:  Thermally-Tolerant Pectin Methylesterase

Title:  Solenopsis Invecta Viruses (SINV)

Title:  Plastic Mulched Raised Beds Are Fumigated Using A Fumigation System Containing Two Opposing Armatures Affixed To A Mounting Arm At About A 50? Angle...

Title:  Materials and Methods for Producing Geminivirus Resistant Plants

Title:  Methods of Reducing Pests By Use Of Halogen Subsituted Ethanol

Title:  Methods Of Reproducing Plants By Somatic Embryogenesis

Title:  Methods And Compositions For Controlling Coleopteran Infestation

Title:  Noxious Weed Control By Soil Solarization

Title:  Single-Site Amplification (SSA):  Methods For Accelerated Development of Nucleic Acid Markers

Title:  Citrus Proteins For Use In Field Detection Of Citrus Blight Using Immunological Techniques

Title:  Monoclonal Antibodies Which Discriminate Between Strains Of Citrus Tristeza Virus