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Paul Pratt
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The long term objective of my research is to develop environmentally safe methods of invasive species control by increasing the availability and utility of biological control agents. The complexity of this objective necessitates formulating and guiding research at multiple phases:

1.     Design, conduct or supervise foreign explorations for natural enemies of pest species, as well as ensure safe consignment and maintenance of living specimens under quarantine conditions. 

2.     Quantify ecological risk posed by candidate biological control agents through life history studies, host specificity testing, prerelease impact studies, and initial field establishment.

3.      Develop techniques for release of new biological control agents and ascertain attributes that compromise potential establishment and impact.

4.     Identify and develop means for evaluating the performance of established biological control agents in terms of pest population suppression and environmental risk. 

5.  Assess impacts of exotic species invasions on native communities.


Last Modified: 8/11/2016
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