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Kenneth C Stone (Ken)

Agricultural Engineer

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Kenneth C. Stone

Research Agricultural Engineer
Coastal Plains Soil, Water, and Plant Research Center
2611 West Lucas St., Florence, SC 29501-1242
843-669-5203 x111

Dr. Stone is a Research Agricultural Engineer and Lead Scientist at the Coastal Plains Soil, Water, and Plant Research Center, Florence, SC. He provides leadership and technical guidance for conducting research to solve critical natural resource, water management, and quality problems. His research is focused on optimizing spatial water applications, using low quality waters (recycled, saline) in irrigation, treating animal wastewaters, and reducing agriculture’s environmental impacts on nutrient sensitive ecosystems. .

Education and Training:

Ph.D., Agricultural Engineer, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
M.S., Agricultural Engineering, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
BSAE, Agricultural Engineering, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Professional Experience:

Research Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS, Florence, SC
Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Selected Publications:

  • Stone, K.C., Hunt, P.G., Humenik, F.J. and Johnson, M.H. Impact of swine waste application on ground and stream water quality in an eastern Coastal Plain watershed. Trans. ASAE 41(6):1665-1670. 1998.
  • Stone, K.C., Hunt, P.G., Johnson, M.H. and Matheny, T.A. Nitrate-N distribution and trends in shallow groundwater on an eastern Coastal Plains watershed. Trans. ASAE 41(1):59-64. 1998
  • Stone, K.C., Hunt, P.G., Novak, J.M., Johnson, M.H. and Watts, D.W. Flow-proportional, time-composited, and grab sample estimation of nitrogen export from an eastern Coastal Plain watershed. Trans. ASAE 43(2):281-290. 2000
  • Stone, K.C., Hunt, P.G., Szogi, A.A., Humenik, F.J., and Rice, J.M. Constructed wetland design and performance for swine lagoon wastewater treatment. Trans. ASAE 45:723-730. 2002.
  • Stone, K.C., Hunt, P.G., Millen, J.A., Johnson, M.H., Matheny, T.A., Vanotti, M.B. and Burns, J.C. Forage subsurface drip irrigation using treated swine wastewater. Trans. ASABE. 51(2):433-440. 2008.
  • Stone, K.C., Hunt, P.G., Cantrell, K.B. and Ro, K.S. The potential impacts of biomass feedstock production on water resource availability. Biores. Technol. 101: 2014–2025. 2010.
  • Stone, K.C., Bauer, P.J., Andrae, J., Busscher, W.J., Millen, J.A., Strickland E.E., and Evans, D.E. Irrigation and nitrogen impact on bermudagrass yield response in the southeastern Coastal Plain. Trans. ASABE 55(3):969-978. 2012.
  • Stone K.C., Bauer P.J., Busscher W.J., Millen J.A., Evans D.E., and Strickland, Jr., E.E. Variable-rate irrigation management using an expert system in the eastern coastal plain. Irrigation Science 33(3):167-175. 2015.
  • Stone, K.C., Bauer, P.J., and Sigua, G.C. Irrigation management using an expert system, soil water potentials, and vegetative indices for spatial applications. Trans. ASABE 59(3):941-948. 2016.
  • Sigua, G.C., Stone, K.C., Bauer, P.J., Szogi, A.A., and Shumaker, P.D. Impacts of irrigation scheduling on pore water nitrate and phosphate in coastal plain region of the United States. Agric. Water Manag. 186:75-85. 2017.
  • Stone, K.C., Bauer, P.J., and Sigua, G.C. Potential water conservation using site-specific variable rate irrigation. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 35(6): 881-888. 2019.
  • Stone, K. C., Bauer, P. J., O’Shaughnessy, S. Andrade-Rodriguez, A., Evett, S. R. A variable rate irrigation decision support system for corn in the US Eastern Coastal Plain. Trans. ASABE 63(5):1295-1303. 2020.