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Jeffrey M Novak (Jeff)

Soil Scientist


Jeffrey M. Novak

Research Soil Scientist
Coastal Plains Soil, Water, and Plant Research Center
2611 West Lucas St., Florence, SC 29501-1242
843-669-5203 x110

Dr. Jeff Novak is a Research Soil Scientist currently working on designing biochars for agricultural and environmental uses, and assessing impacts of long-term tillage and crop management practices on Coastal Plain soil quality. His research interests include developing innovative value-added byproducts from crop residues and animal manures for remediation of heavy metals in soil and assessing long-term (> 40 yrs) of conservation/conventional tillage and row crops management practices on soil fertility, soil carbon sequestration, and soil pedogenic activity.

Education and Training:

Ph.D., Soil Morphology and Genesis, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

M.S., Soil Fertility, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

B.S., Agronomy, Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, PA

Professional Experience:

Research Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS, Florence, SC

Post-Doctoral Researcher, USDA-ARS-National Soil Tilth Laboratory, Ames, IA

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Aiken, SC

Selected Publications:

  • Novak, J.M., Lima, I., Xing, B., Gaskin, J.W., Steiner, C., Das, K.C., Ahmedna, M., Rehrah, D. Watts, D.W., Busscher, W.J., and Schomberg, H. 2009. Characterization of designer biochar produced at different temperatures and their effects on a loamy sand. Annals of Environmental Science, 3:195- 206.
  • Cantrell K.B., Hunt, P.G., Uchimiya M., Novak, J.M., and Ro, K.S. 2012. Impact of pyrolysis temperature and manure source on physicochemical characteristics of biochar. Bioresource Technology. 107:419-28.
  • Spokas, K.A., Cantrell, K.B., Novak, J.M., Archer, D.W., Ippolito, J.A., Collins, H.P. Boateng, A.A., Lima, I.M., Lamb, M.C., McAloon, A.J., Lentz, R.D., and Nichols, K.A. 2012. Biochar: A Synthesis of Its Agronomic Impact beyond Carbon Sequestration. Journal of Environmental Quality. 41:973-989.
  • Novak, J.M., Cantrell, K.B., Watts, D.W., Busscher, W.J., and Johnson, M.G. 2014. Designing relevant biochars as soil amendments using lignocellulosic-based and manure-based feedstocks. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 14: 330-343.
  • Ippolito, J.A., Spokas, K.A., Novak, J.M., Lentz, R.D., and Cantrell, K.B. 2015. Biochar elemental composition and factors influencing nutrient retention. In: Lehmann, J., and Joseph, S. (Eds.), Biochar for Environmental Management: Science, Technology and Implementation. 2nd Ed. Routledge. New York, NY. pp. 137-161.
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  • Novak, J., Ippolito, J.A., Watts, D.W., Sigua, G.C., Ducey, T.F., and Johnson, M.G. 2019. Biochar compost blends facilitates switchgrass growth in mine soils by reducing Cd and Zn bioavailability. Biochar, 1:97-114.
  • Novak, J.M., Sigua, G.C., Ducey, T.F., Watts, D.W., and Stone, K.C. 2019. Designer biochars impact on corn grain yields, biomass production, and fertility properties of a highly-weathered Ultisol. Environments, 6:64.
  • Novak, J.M., Watts, D.W., Bauer, P.J., Karlen, D.L., Hunt, P.G., and Mishra, U. 2020. Loamy sand soil approaches organic carbon saturation after 37 years of conservation tillage. Agronomy Journal.