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Mud Pie Science Experiment 2
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Does Dirt Really Matter?
Experiment 2



Does soil type affect plant growth?

pan, loam(potting soil), sand, grass seed, water, spoon



1. Fill half of the pan with loam. Fill the other half of the pan with sand. 

2. Scatter 50 grass seeds evenly over each side of the pan. 

Image of pan with one half sand and one half potting soil and scattered grains of seeds
  3. Water the seeds using the spoon.

4. Place the pan in the sun. 

5. Water the seeds every 2 days. 

6. Write down what happens after 3 days and after one week.

image of a flashing light bulbThink About This:

1. Which soil is better for growing grass? How do you know?

2. If you were a farmer which soil would you want to use? Why?


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