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Mud Pie Science Activity 2
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Dirt is Dirt! Part 2
Activity 2


To see that not all soil is the same.



samples of sand, clay, loam(potting soil), and a hand lens

Use your senses to learn about each sample.

Make a chart like the one below to write down what you learn.

Images of samples of sand, clay, loam(potting soil), and a magnifying glass

Are all soils the same?

SoilColorParticle SizeHow does it feel?Sound? - rub sample against pennySmell

image of a flashing light bulbThink About This:

1. What makes them different? 

2. Why do you think sand is light and loam is dark?

3. Are the pieces of sand and the pieces of clay the same size?


image of a litte cartoon houseimage of a childimage of a magnifying glassimage of a toy truck

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