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Experiment 2
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Is a Greenhouse Better for Plants?
Experiment 2

Purpose: To determine if brightness of light will alter the growth rate of a plant.

Materials: Greenhouse or sunny window sill, 10 bean seeds, 10 small pots, water, ruler, potting soil, pencil.
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Procedure: Fill the 10 small pots with equal amounts of dampened potting soil. With a pencil, make holes about 2 centimeters deep in each pot. Place the 10 bean seeds, one per pot, and cover the seeds with some of the soil. Place 5 of the pots in the greenhouse or on a window sill on the sunny side of the house. Place the other 5 on a window sill that does not receive bright sunlight. Seeds will germinate within 7 days, and you can begin making stem measurements. Take stem measurements for 14 days. Be sure to water the plants as needed. Note the difference in stem length for each set of plants, and write down your observations.

Think About This:

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1. Compare the two sets of plants. How do the ones grown in the bright sunlight compare to the ones grown in less bright light?

2. Which plants had the longest stem length? Which had the shortest?

3. What are some of the differences between a greenhouse and an inside space?

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