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Down and Dirty Experiment 4
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Heeeelp Meeeee! I'm Drooowwwnnning!
Experiment 4



How does groundwater affect plants?

3 plants*, 3 dishes or pans, water, crayons, graph paper

* make sure you choose plants that are the same kind of plant, as close to the same size as possible and healthy


1. Label the plants A, B, and C. Make holes in the bottom of the containers of plants A and B.

If your containers already have holes, plug up the holes in the bottom of container C.

image of experiment setup with flowers A,B, and C

2. Place each plant in a dish and put all three plants in the same location where they will receive the same light.

3. Water plant A every other day, keeping the soil moist but not wet. Do not water plant B. Water plant C every day, keeping the soil saturated, very wet.

4. Make a bar graph showing the color of each plant's leaves every day for a week.

image of a flashing light bulbThink About This:

1. What happened to the color of plant A? plant B? plant C?

2. Does it matter how much water a plant gets?

3. Is drainage important?


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