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This page contains links to websites that, hopefully, will be useful to you.  Please remember that when you click on a link below, this will carry you from the Mid South Area Council website.

Mid South Area -- Website link to the Mid South Area and all MSA Locations.

AFM Website - Website link to the USDA, ARS, Administrative and Financial Management Division Launch Pad

AIMS User Guide, Agreement Information Management System

ARIS Website, Agricultural Research Information System

ARMPS Website, Annual Resource Management Plan (CATS, SAMS, ARMPS)

ARS Ethics Website (Forms)

ARS Policy and Procedures

ARS Records Management

CATS Manual, CRIS Allocation Tracking System


GovTrip - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

New Employee Orientation

National Finance Center Website

National Program Staff (NPS)

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

RPES Guidelines, Research Position Evaluation System

Reminder Calendar (for Mid South Area Locations)

Travel - Domestic Per Diem

Travel - Domestic County Search

Travel - Domestic - Distribution of M&IE Expenses

Travel - Foreign Per Diem

Travel - Foreign - Distribution of M&IE Expenses

Travel - Foreign Money Exchange Converter

U.S. Department of Agriculture Home Page

U.S. Postal Service Website

World Clock - Time Zone information




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