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There are 4 primary irrigation regimes being examined at various locations

1.  Sprinkler Irrigation - Objectives

  • Determine economic impacts of irrigation methods (pre-harvest and post-harvest) in constrained and unconstrained water scenarios.
  • Examine profitability of cropping systems (short and long term). 
  • Determine optimal amounts of water to maximize yields and profits of selected crops for conventional and conservation tillage systems.
  • Identify the most profitable tillage system for a multi-crop system.

        Aerial view of Research Farm 

2.  Subsurface Drip Irrigation - Objective and Research Variables

Determine long term yield, quality, and economic return of peanut when irrigated with subsurface drip irrigation.

        Subsurface drip irrigation controls

Research Variables

  • Crop rotation
  • Drip tube lateral spacing 
  • Irrigation strategies 
  • Fertilizer practices 
  • Row orientation / Seeding rate 
  • Tillage practices 

3.  Surface Drip Irrigation - Objectives and Research Variables

  • Develop and transfer a simple, affordable, and profitable surface drip irrigation system into peanut production. 
  • Determine the short and long term yield, quality, and economic return of a simple surface drip irrigation.

Research Variables 

  • Crop rotation
  • Lateral spacing
  • Strip/no tillage
  • Crop row orientation
  • Drip tube longevity
  • New and emerging crops
  • Economic considerations
  • Drip tube removal

4.  Non-irrigated - Objectives and Research Variables

  • Optimize seeding rate and planting pattern to maximize net farm income 
  • Determine best peanut variety, rotation sequence, and cultural practice input level to maximize net farm income. 

Research Variables 

  • Crop rotation
  • Input levels
  • Peanut varieties
  • Row orientation
  • Seeding rates

        Aerial view showing non-irrigated field

The following associations / universities are collaborating on these projects:

  • Auburn University
  • J. Leek Associates, Inc.
  • New Mexico Peanut Research Board
  • New Mexico State University
  • Texas A&M University
  • Texas Peanut Producers Association
  • University of Georgia
  • Western Peanut Growers Association

For more information contact :
Marshall Lamb
Wilson Faircloth
Russell Nuti
Ron Sorensen


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