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FAQs, FYI, and General Information for Irrigator Pro 

From time to time we receive questions, comments and ideas from fellow farmers, consultants and users. We like to get this feedback because it helps us revise the programs to better suit you.

If you experience any problems with the program or have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us. We want to help any way we can.

With this in mind, we compiled this short information sheet to help resolve some common issues your fellow users have asked.

Again, do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions or problems you have. Our contact information is: or 229.995.7443 or 229.995.7409

  • I'm getting an error about "Missing Variety List" when I run Irrigator Pro for Peanuts.
    There are two (2) updates to install for Irrigator Pro for Peanuts. Run either the update for Windows 2000 or Windows XP (depending on your Operating System), then run the Peanut Variety List Update and select your correct operating system when asked. This new Variety list contains the updates we have received on the new peanut lines.
  • I'm getting an error about some file is either Missing, Old and out of date, or corrupted.
    With some computers running Windows 2000, we have seen older computers have this problem. These files are usually common system files all computers need to run different programs correctly. If you are a confident computer user, search for the missing file online (usually easy enough to find with or and download that missing file. Most of the times you just need to copy that new file to your system or system32 folder. If you are NOT a very confident computer user, simply call us and we'll try and walk you through it or stop by and we will work through it with you.
  • My dates on the print out sheet and the grid are wrong or different.
    When you first enter your initial field or farm information, ALWAYS select save when you are done. This means BEFORE you put your watermark data (in the case of Irrigator Pro for Cotton and Corn), temperatures (in the case of Irrigator Pro for Peanuts), and rainfall always click SAVE. This will update the date information along with the farmer names, field names, plant dates, etc.
  • The grid where I enter data is black or unusable.
    Sometimes when running Windows XP, it may be necessary to change your windows 'style'. To do this, Right click on your desktop anywhere and select Properties. In the Appearance and also the Themes tab are boxes to change the 'style' in which Windows are displayed. Usually you can select Windows Classic Theme and run the program correctly. Some testing suggests that once it runs correctly once, you can change it back to the original setting without having the problem again.

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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