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Furrow Diking  (3 min. 24 sec.)

Furrow diking improves water capture in row crops. This tillage operation helps capture more rainfall by reducing runoff up to 300%. The Southeast receives an average annual rainfall of 50 inches; we are making attempts to take better advantage of this valuable resource.    More information


Peanut Biodiesel (3 min. 50 sec.)

Peanuts have the highest potentional for fuel production and the highest quality diesel. A single farm, or a group of farmers, can produce the fuel they need thereby lowering their fuel costs. At the same time, they can capture tax credits and government incentives. The peanut meal that remains after processing can be sold for animal feed.    More information


Drip Irrigation (3 min. 27 sec.)

Water is becoming an ever more precious resource to farmers because of the dwindling supplies and the increasing costs associated with irrigation. This has forced farmers to become much more efficient at applying irrigation in order to be cost effective and competitive in the marketplace. One way to increase efficiency in production is to use alternative irrigation methods such as drip irrigation.feed.    More information