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In-shell Peanut Moisture Measurement:

In-shell Peanut Moisture Measurement
1.  Impedance meter, 2. Cylinder with electrodes, 3. Computer

The impedance method will measure moisture content of peanuts without the need for shelling and cleaning the samples.  This could save time, labor and the wastage of samples used for testing.

Peanut Pod Brightness Measurement:

Optical reflectance measurement device

This optical reflectance measurement device determines the pod brightness of peanuts objectively, and is useful in the color classification of Valencia variety of peanuts.

NIR reflectance method for moisture content determination for peanuts:

NIR reflectance method for moisture content determination for peanuts

1.  Reflectance attachment and sample holder, 2. NIR spectrometer, 3.  Computer

A non-contact reflectance method is being developed using NIR methods to determine moisture, protein and oil content of peanuts rapidly and nondestructively.


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