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William Rutter

Plant Pathologist


William Rutter, Ph.D.

Research Plant Pathologist- Nematology


U.S. Vegetable Laboratory

2700 Savannah Hwy.

Charleston, SC 29414


Research Focus

Our long-term goal is to elucidate the genetic control of disease and nematode resistance in economically important vegetable crops in the Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae families. Specifically, we will work on watermelon, cucumber, and pepper. Resistance to diseases and nematodes has been identified in some of these crops; however, gaining a better understanding of the genetics of resistance will aid commercial and public breeders in transferring these putative resistance genes into improved breeding lines and cultivars.

Lab Members


Benjamin Waldo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Benjamin’s research is to help find genetic sources of resistance in vegetables to the guava root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne enterlobii).


Julianna Culbreath

M.Sc. Student

Julianna’s research focuses on finding an effective and reliable survey method to detect Meloidogyne enterlobii in sweet potato storage roots. She is also studying the susceptibility of Irish potato to various M. enterlobii isolates.


Jennifer MacMillan

Biological Science Technician

Jennifer is responsible for technical duties in the laboratory, field, and greenhouses; as well as data collection, purchasing, and other administrative work.



Other Projects

M. enterolobii CAPs Project: FINDMe (