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Article I. Organization
  • Article II. Purposes
    • To promote interaction between and among the research, extension, teaching and industry components of the watermelon industry.
    • To provide a forum for the development, discussion, exchange, sharing, or dissemination of ideas, information, or materials via meetings, email, website and other media, relating to the watermelon industry.
    • To promote, encourage, facilitate, or coordinate basic and applied research and education by identifying critical needs, developing methods and procedures, or preparing proposals relating to the watermelon industry.
    • To promote liaison or good working relationships with other organizations with similar interests, such as the National Watermelon Promotion Board and National Watermelon Association, and other national, international, or regional watermelon organizations.
    • Any other lawful purpose, as may be voted upon by the members.
  • Article III. Membership
    • Membership in this organization shall be open to all who are actively involved with the research, development and/or promotion of watermelon and watermelon production.
  • Article IV. Officers
    • Section 1. The officers of this organization shall include a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. An effort will be made to rotate the Chair and Vice-Chair between members of industry and academia.
    • Section 2. The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary shall each be two year terms. The vice-chair shall assume the role of chair at the end of each two year term.
    • Section 3. The duties of the chair are to notify all members via email of all meetings, request meeting space including refreshments and refreshment sponsors, compile the agenda for meetings, preside over meetings, distribute a report of all meetings, and keep membership list up to date.
    • Section 4. The duties of the vice-chair are to assist the chair with meeting as requested, and to assume the role of chair at the end of the chair's two-year term.
    • Section 5. The duties of the secretary are to maintain the website which shall include the agenda and reports of all meetings and an up to date membership list.
    • Section 6. Elections shall be held during the regular annual meeting every two years (during odd numbered years) to replace the vice-chair, who shall assume the role of chair.
    • Section 7. Special elections may be held via email should one of the officers resign or become unable to perform their duties. The chair is responsible for calling special elections via email. If the chair resigns or is otherwise unable to perform the duties of chair, the vice-chair shall assume the role of chair and call a special election for a new vice-chair. If both the chair and vice-chair resign or are unable to perform their duties, the secretary is responsible for calling a special election to replace both positions.
  • Article V. Meetings
  • Article VI. Voting