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Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report 23:137-138 (article 46) 2000
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Cucurbita Gene List Update - 2000

R.W. Robinson

Dept. of Horticultural Science, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University, Geneva, NY 14456

H.S. Paris

Dept. of Vegetable Crops, Agr. Research Organization, Newe Ya'ar ResearchCenter, P.O. Box 1021, Ramat Yishay, 30-095, Israel

Previous lists of Cucurbita genes were published in CGC Rpt. 15:102-109 (1992) and in CGC Rpt. 19: 91-92 (1996). Before publishing a proposed new gene symbol for a Cucurbita gene, researchers are urged to consult this gene list and those in CGC 15 and 19 in order to avoid using a symbol already assigned to another gene.

The following list of new Cucurbita genes also includes a correction for the erroneous symbol for the Ds gene that was given in CGC Rpt. 19: 91-92 (1996).



Dark stem only, fruit color not affected



Dedeterminate plant habit; stem lacking tendrils and terminating with female flowers
mo-1mature orange-1; complementary gene for loss of green fruit color prior to maturity
mo-2mature orange-2; complementary gene for loss of green fruit color prior to maturity
Slc*Squash leaf curl virus resistance
umlumbrella-like; leaves shaped like partially opened umbrella
maxima x pepo
wcwhite corolla; petals white, tending to curl, less dentate than normal
wycwhite-yellow corolla; dentate, white-yellow petals

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