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Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report 10:105 (article 55) 1987
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Gene List for Watermelon

Lists of the known genes for the cucurbitaceae have been published previously in 3 installments (3, 4, 21) and a complete, updated list of cucumber genes as published in CGC No. 8 (5), In the interest of updating and collecting the information on watermelon in one place, following is a complete list of the known genes for Citrullus lanatux (Thunb,) Matsum & Nakai. We hope to continue this practice, and publish a complete list for watermelon every four years.

Gene symbol
andromonoecious. Recessive to monoecious. 17, 18 24
Aulacophora foveicollis resistance. Resistance to the red pumpkin beetle. Dominant to susceptibility. 28
(B, Gc)
Anthracnose resistance to race 1 of Glomerella cingulata var. orbiculare.6, 9, 32
Anthracnose resistance to race 2 of Colletotrichum lagenarium.25, 26, 32
Canary yellow flesh. Dominant to pink.
dotted seed coat. Black dotted seed when dominant for r, t, and w.
7, 17, 19
Resistance to gummy stem blight caused by Didymella bryoniae; from PI 189225; Recessive to susceptibility.
delayed green. Cotyledons and young leaves are initially pale green but later develop chlorophyll. Hypostatic to I-dg.
dwarf-1; short internodes, with fewer, shorter cells than normal.
10. 13
dwarf-2; short internodes, due to fewer cells.
10, 14
( t)
explosive rind; thin, tender rind, bursting when cut..
17, 20
 furrowed fruit surface; recessive to smooth.
Dominant gene for resistance to race 1 of Fusarium oxysporum.
Fruit fly resistance in watermelon. Dominant to susceptibility to Dacus cucurbitae
light green skin. Llight green fruit; to dark green.17, 20, 30
striped green skin. Recessive to dark dominant to light green skin.
17, 31
Golden.Yellow color of older leaves and mature fruit.
Inhibitor of delayed green.; Epistatic to dg: dgdg I-dg I-dg and dgdg I-dgi-dg. Plants are pale green; and dgdg i-dgi-dg plants are normal.
glabrous male sterile. Foliage lacking trichomes; male sterile. 29, 30
long seed. Long recessive to medium length of seed; interacts with s.
18, 19
mottled skin. Greenish white mottling of fruit skin.
17, 31
nonlobed leaves. Leaves lack lobing.dominance incomplete.
Oval fruit. Incompletely dominant to spherical..
18, 31
pencilled lines on skin. Inconspicuous; recessive to netted fruit.
17, 31
powdery mildew susceptibility. Susceptibility to Sphaerotheca fuliginea.23
red seed coat. Interacts with w and t. 19
short seeds. Epistatic to l18
Spotted cotyledons, leaves and fruit.21
 ( suBi<)
suppressor of bitterness. Non-bitter fruit.2
tan seed coat. Interacts with r & w.11
white seed coat. Interacts with r and t11
White flesh.Dominant to yellow and red, Wf is epistatic to a second, unnamed gene (C?) which conditions yellow and red flesh.Thus, if the gene at the hypostatic locus is symbolized with B, WfWfBB, Wfwfbb are all white fleshed; wfwfBB and wfwfBB and wfwfBb are yellow fleshed; and wfwfbb are red fleshed.25
r,  rd, red
yellowflesh. Recessive to red.17, 20


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CGC Gene List Committee:



Muskmelon:M. Pitrat
Watermelon:W.R. Henderson
Cucurbita spp.:T.W. Whitaker
Other Genera: R.W. Robinson