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Honey Bee Lab Publications 1969 - 1970
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/ARSUserFiles/60500500/images/PDF Icon.jpg RINDERER, T. E., ROTHENBUHLER, W. C., 1969.  Resistance to American Foulbrood in Honey Bees x Comparative Mortality of Queen, Worker and Drone Larvae.  Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 13(1):81-86
/ARSUserFiles/60500500/images/PDF Icon.jpg ROBERTS, W., 1969.  The Development of Hybrid Bee Breeding in the U.S.  The 21st International Apicultural Congress 23:226-229
/ARSUserFiles/60500500/images/PDF Icon.jpg OERTEL, E., 1969. Losses Caused by the Greater Wax Moth.  American Bee Journal 109(4):145
/ARSUserFiles/60500500/images/PDF Icon.jpg ROBERTS, W., STRANGER, W., 1969. Survey of the Package Bee and Queen Industry.  American Bee Journal 109(1):8-11
/ARSUserFiles/60500500/images/PDF Icon.jpg KAUFFELD, N., LEVIN, M., ROBERTS, W., MOELLER, F., 1970.  Disposable Pollination Units, a Revived Concept of Crop Pollination.  American Bee Journal 110(3):88-89
/ARSUserFiles/60500500/images/PDF Icon.jpg GLANCEY, M., ROBERTS, W., SPENSE, J., 1970.  Honey-bee Populations Exposed to Bait Containing Mirex Applied for Control of Imported Fire Ants.  American Bee Journal 110(8):314
/ARSUserFiles/60500500/images/PDF Icon.jpg MACKENSEN, O., TUCKER, K., 1970.  Instrumental Insemination of Queen Bees. Agriculture Handbook No. 390


/ARSUserFiles/60500500/images/PDF Icon.jpg MACKENSEN, O., NYE, P., 1970.  Selective Breeding of Honey Bees for Alfalfa Pollen Collection: with Tests in High and Low Alfalfa Pollen Collection Regions.  Journal of Apicultural Research  9(2):61-64