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November 15-19, 2015

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Research Scientists Kip Balkcom, Leah Duzy, Allen Torbert, Dexter Watts and Stephen Prior attended the 2015 ASA, CSSA, & SSSA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.  Dr. Balkcom made a presentation titled ???Soil Compaction across the Old Rotation,??? Dr. Duzy made a presentation titled ???Summary of Cover Crop Effects on Cotton Production,??? Dr. Torbert made a presentation titled ???Environmental Implications of Using Poultry Litter in Agriculture,??? Dr. Watts made a presentation titled ???Broiler Litter Management Effects on the Nutrient Composition of the Litter??? and Dr. Prior made a presentation titled ???Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 and N fertilization on bahiagrass pastures in the Southeastern U.S.???


December 14-15, 2015

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Agricultural Economist Leah M. Duzy and Agricultural Engineer Ted S. Kornecki were invited to speak at the 2015 Alabama Corn and Wheat Short Course in Auburn, AL. Dr. Duzy presented on wheat production and profitability across the Southeast, and Dr. Kornecki presented on equipment used to manage high residue cover crops.???

January 12-14, 2016, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Research Soil Scientist, Allen Torbert presented research results at the Annual National Conservation System Cotton and Rice Conference in Memphis, TN.  Dr. Torbert made a presentation entitled ???Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer???s Effect on Cotton Yield and Quality in the Coastal Plains???.


January 27-30, 2016

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Researchers Ted S. Kornecki and Corey Kichler attended the 25th Southern SAWG Conference: Practical Tools and Solutions for Sustaining Family Farms in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Kornecki presented a poster ???Multiple rolling/crimping effects on termination of two summer cover crops in a conservation system.??? Mr. Kichler displayed the ARS NSDL booth and demonstrated prototypes of the powered roller and powered coulter planting system for small walk-behind tractors.


February 10-11, 2016

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Scientist, Andrew Price presented ???Cover Crops and Weed Management??? at the annual North Carolina Tomato Growers Association Meeting, held in Ashville, NC. The presentation highlighted high???residue cover crops weed suppressive attributes.


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