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Leah M. Duzy Publications
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  1. Balkcom, K.S., and L.M. Duzy. 2012. Sidedress nitrogen rates and costs for southeastern cotton production. p. 1379-1383. In R.S. Boyd, et al. (eds.) Beltwide Cotton Conf., Orlando, Fl. 3-6 January 2012. Nat. Cotton Conf. pdf

  2. Duzy, L.M., and K.S. Balkcom. 2012. Estimating the economic optimal rate of nitrogen fertilizer; A battle of functional form. p. 445-450. In R.S. Boyd, et al. (eds.) Beltwide Cotton Conf., Orlando, FL. 3-6 January 2012. Nat. Cotton Counc. pdf

  3. Price, A.J., K.S. Balkcom, L.M. Duzy, and J.A. Kelton. 2012. Herbicide and cover crop residue integration for Amaranthus control in conservation agriculture cotton and implications for resistance management. Weed Tech. 26:490-498. pdf

  4. Duzy, L.M., A.J. Price, and K.S. Balkcom. 2011. Estimating the net returns of managing pigweed in cotton. p. 336-339. In S. Boyd, et al. (eds.) Beltwide Cotton Conf., Atlanta, GA. 4-7 Jan. 2011. Nat. Cotton Counc., Cordova, TN. pdf

  5. Duzy, L.M., F.J. Arriaga, and K.S. Balkcom. 2010. Rye cover crop as a source of biomass feedstock: An economic perspective. p. 1-0. In D.M. Endale and K.V. Iversen (eds.) Proc. 32nd So. Conserv. Agric. Syst. Conf., Jackson, TN. July 20-22, 2010. Available at pdf