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Dr. Dexter B. Watts Publications
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  1. Watts, D.B., Runion, G.B., Smith-Nannenga, K.W., and Torbert, H.A. 2014. Enhanced-efficiency fertilizer effects on cotton yield and quality in the Coastal Plains. Agron. J. 106:745-752. doi:10.2134/agronj13.0216,pdf

  2. Smith, K.E., D.B. Watts, D.A. Way, H.A. Torbert, and S.A. Prior. 2012. Impact of tillage and fertilizer application method on gas emissions in a corn cropping system. Pedosphere 22:604-615. pdf

  3. Nyakatawa, E.Z., D.A. Mays, T.R. Way, D.B. Watts, H.A. Torbert, and D.R. Smith. 2011. Tillage and fertilizer management effects on soil-atmospheric exchanges of methane and nitrous oxide in a corn production system. Appl. Environ. Soil Sci.: Article 475370. pdf

  4. Watts, D.B. and H.A. Torbert. 2011. Long-term tillage and poultry litter impacts on soybean and corn grain yield. Agron. J. 103(5):1479-1486. pdf

  5. Watts, D.B., T.R. Way, and H.A. Torbert. 2011. Subsurface application of poultry litter and its influence on nutrient losses in runoff water from permanent pastures. J. Environ. Qual. 40:421-430. pdf

  6. Way, T.R., D.B. Watts, K.E. Smith, and H.A. Torbert. 2011. Calculation of effective gas flux from soil following band application of manure or fertilizer. Trans. ASABE 54(1):337-345. pdf [Downloadable Excel file]

  7. Sistani, K.R., C.H. Bolster, T.R. Way, H.A. Torbert, D.H. Pote, and D.B. Watts. 2010. Influence of poultry litter application methods on the longevity of nutrient and E. coli in runoff from tall fescue pasture. Water Air Soil Pollut. 206:3-12. pdf

  8. Watts, D.B., H.A. Torbert, Y. Feng, and S.A. Prior. 2010. Soil microbial community dynamics as influenced by composted dairy manure, soil properties, and landscape position. Soil Sci. 175:474-486. pdf

  9. Watts, D.B., H.A. Torbert, and S.A. Prior. 2010. Soil property and landscape position effects on seasonal nitrogen mineralization of composted dairy manure. Soil Sci. 175:27-35. pdf 

  10. Watts, D.B., H.A. Torbert, S.A. Prior, and G. Huluka. 2010. Long-term tillage and poultry litter impacts soil carbon and nitrogen mineralization and fertility. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 74:1239-1247. pdf

  11. Watts, D.B. and H.A. Torbert. 2009. Impact of gypsum applied to grass buffer strips on reducing soluble P in surface water runoff. J. Environ. Qual. 38:1511-1517. pdf

  12. Watts, D.B., H.A. Torbert, and S.A. Prior. 2007. Mineralization of nitrogen in soils amended with dairy manure as affected by wetting/drying cycles. Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 38:2103-2116. pdf