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Hans Cheng
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Research Interests

My lab is one of five groups in the Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory, and we all share a common research goal. Thus, with our unique collection of inbred chickens lines and virus strains, we have a well-equipped multidisciplinary effort with expertise in molecular virology, pathology, immunology, and genetics to understand viral-induced cancers of the chicken.


My laboratory uses genomic and functional genomic approaches to identify and functionally characterize genes of agricultural importance in chicken, especially with regard to resistance to Marek’s disease (a herpesvirus-induced T cell cancer). Current projects include:


Education and Employment

1983                            B.S., Michigan State University

1988                            Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

1988-90                       Postdoctoal Fellow, University of California at Davis

1990-92                       Molecular Geneticist, Petoseed, Woodland, CA

1992-date                    USDA, ARS





Key publications

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