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Escherichia Coli-2001 Report
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Escherichia Coli - 2001 Report



TABLE 2a: Distribution of E. Coli isolates by species GROCERY (N=10)

TABLE 2b: Distribution of E. Coli isolates by species ENVIRONMENT (N=113)

TABLE 2c: Distribution of E. Coli isolates by species SLAUGHTER (N=1989)

TABLE 3: Total percent veterinary E.coli isolates sensitive, intermediate, or resistant-ALL E.COLI (N=2112)

TABLE 4: Percent total resistance by species/sources (includes all grocery, environmental, and slaughter E.coli isolates)

TABLE 5: Percent resistance for E.coli isolated from slaughter samples

TABLE 6: Percent resistance for Grocery E.coli isolates

TABLE 7: Percent resistance for Environmental E.coli isolates

TABLE 8: Multiple antimicrobial resistance for E. coli isolates

TABLE 9a: Most frequent resistance patterns for tested E.coli isolates

TABLE 9b: Most frequent resistance patterns with 5 or more antimicrobics for tested E. coli isolates