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Hans H Cheng

Research Geneticist

Hans H. Cheng

USDA, ARS Supervisory Research Geneticist and MSU Adjunct Faculty


Contact information

E-mail:                or

Telephone:                   (517) 337-6758


Education and Employment

1983                            B.S., Michigan State University

1988                            Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

1988-90                       Postdoctoal Fellow, University of California at Davis

1990-92                       Molecular Geneticist, Petoseed, Woodland, CA

1992-date                    USDA, ARS


Research Interests

My lab is one of five groups in the Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory, and we all share a common research goal. Thus, with our unique collection of inbred chickens lines and virus strains, we have a well-equipped multidisciplinary effort with expertise in molecular virology, pathology, immunology, and genetics to understand viral-induced cancers of the chicken.


My laboratory uses genomic and functional genomic approaches to identify and functionally characterize genes of agricultural importance in chicken, especially with regard to resistance to Marek’s disease (a herpesvirus-induced T cell cancer). Current projects include:

  • Chicken genetic map - I lead the US effort, which forms the framework for the chicken genome assembly lead by Wes Warren (Genome Institute, Wash. U. in St. Louis)
  • Molecular genetics and genomic selection for Marek’s disease resistance – Using an integrated genomics strategy (e.g., GWAS, RNA seq), we are identifying genes that confer genetic resistance to Marek’s disease. In addition, linked SNP markers, mainly based on allele-specific expression, are being used in genomic selection strategies in both experimental and commercial poultry flocks. Hi-C is also being employed to identify promoter-enhancer interactions with the hope of revealing causative polymorphisms that account for genetic resistance.
  • Driver mutations for Marek’s disease – Hypothesizing that somatic mutations are required for transformation, various genomic strategies (e.g., DNA seq, RNA seq, cytogenetics) are being employed and integrated to identify driver genes.
  • Vaccine synergy – Marek’s disease vaccines form the primary control method, however, very little information in known as to how they actually protect birds.


Current Personnel

Postdoctoral Associates

  • Sudeep Perumbakkam
  • Alexis Black Pyrkosz


Graduate Students

  • Cari Hearn – CMIB
  • Alec Steep – Genetics Program
  • Sudawapee Umthong – Microbiology



  • Laurie Molitor


Additional External Funding Beyond ARS Support

  • USDA AFRI, Enhancing genetic resistance to Marek’s disease in chicken via allele-specific expression screens and genome-wide selection; PI
  • USDA AFRI, Genome biology of Marek’s disease: Viral integration and genome alterations in genetically resistant and susceptible stocks: PI
  • USDA AFRI, The role of host genetic resistance and vaccination on transmission of Marek’s disease virus in poultry; co-PI.
  • USDA National Needs Graduate Fellowship Grants; co-PI


Publications (last 10 years)


  • Kaya, M., Preeyanon, L., Dodgson, J.B., and Cheng, H.H. 2016.       Validation of alternative transcript splicing in chicken lines that differ in genetic resistance to Marek’s disease. Anim. Biotech., 27:238-244.
  • Tuggle, C.K., Giuffra, E., White, S.N., Clarke, L, Zhou, H., Ross, P.J., Acloque, H., Reecy, J.M., Archibald, A., Boichard, M., Chamberlain, A., Cheng, H., Crooijmans, R.P.M.A., Delany, M.E., Groenen, M.A.M., Bayes, B., Lunney, J.K., Plastow, G.S., Schmidt, C.J., Song, J., and Watson, M. 2016.       GO-FAANG meeting: a Gathering On Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes. Animal Genetics 47:528-533.
  • Tai, S.H.S., Holz, C., Engstrom, M.D., Cheng, H.H., and Maes, R.K. 2016.       In vitro characterization of felid herpesvirus 1 (FHV-1) mutants generated by recombineering in a recombinant BAC vector. Virus Res. 221:15-22.



  • Hildebrandt, E., Dunn, J.R., and Cheng. H.H.       2015. The Mut UL5-I682R Marek’s disease virus with a single nucleotide mutation within the helicase-primase subunit gene not only reduces virulence, but also provides partial vaccinal protection against Marek’s disease. Avian Diseases 59:94-97.
  • Hildebrandt, E., Dunn, J.R., Niikura, M., and Cheng. H.H. 2015.       Mutations within ICP4 acquired during in vitro attenuation do not alter virulence of recombinant Marek’s disease viruses in vivo. Virology Reports 5:10-18.
  • Hildebrandt, E., Dunn, J.R., and Cheng. H.H.       2015. Addition of a UL5 helicase-primase subunit point mutation eliminates bursal-thymic atrophy of Marek’s disease virus ∆Meq recombinant virus but reduces vaccinal protection. Avian Path. 44:254-258.
  • Zhang, X., Misztal, I., Heidaritabar, M., Bastiaansen, J.W.M., Borg, R., Okimoto, R., Saap, R.L., Wing, T., Hawken, R.R., Lourenco, D.A.L., Vitezica, Z.G., Cheng, H.H., and Muir, W.M.       2015. Prior genetic architecture impacting genomic regions under selection: an example using genomic selection in two poultry breeds.       Livestock Science 171:1-11.
  • Hildebrandt, E., Dunn, J.R., and Cheng. H.H.       2015. Characterizing in vivo stability and potential interactions of a UL5 helicase-primase mutation previously shown to reduce virulence and in vivo replication of Marek’s disease virus. Virus Res. 203:1-3.
  • The FAANG Consortium. 2015. Coordinated international action to accelerate genome-to-phenome with FAANG, the Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes project. Genome Biology 16:57.
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  • Yan, Y., Yang, N., Cheng, H.H., Song, J., and Qu. L. 2015.       Genome-wide identification of copy number variations between two chicken lines that differ in genetic resistance to Marek’s disease. BMC Genomics 16:843.



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  • Haunshi, S., and Cheng, H.H. 2014. Differential expression of Toll-like receptor pathway genes in chicken embryo fibroblasts from chickens resistant and susceptible to Marek's disease. Poultry Sci. 93:550-555.
  • Hildebrandt, E., Dunn, J.R., Perumbakkam, S., Niikura, M, and Cheng, H.H. 2014.       Characterizing the molecular basis of attenuation of Marek’s disease virus via in vitro serial passage identifies de novo mutations in the helicase-primase subunit gene UL5 and other candidates associated with reduced virulence. J. Virology 88:6232-6242.
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