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Global RainSIM - Version 1.0

The purpose of this tool is to estimate daily precipitation patterns for a yearly cycle at any location on the globe.  The user input is simply the latitude and longitude of the selected location.  There is an embedded Zip

Global TempSIM - Version 1.0

The purpose of Global TempSIM is to estimate daily maximum and minimum air temperatures for a yearly cycle at any location on the globe. Global TempSIM predicts the daily average air temperature based upon 30-yr (1961 – 1990) temperature records that were compiled and interpolated by Legates and Willmott (1990a and 1990b) with further improvements by Willmott and Matsuura (1995).

Nitrogen Decision Aid

The Nitrogen Decision Aid is a computerized program that predicts the amount of N mineralized from planting to side-dress or 5-leaf growth-stage. By applying just enough N-fertilizer to reach the critical soil nitrate concentration it is possible reduce this waste. This model is designed for Northern climates that will have some frost in the soil during the winter.

SeedChaser – Version 2.0

SeedChaser is a 1-D empirical vertical soil tillage distribution model with 1 cm grid spacing that predicts vertical redistribution of weed seeds following user selected (a) sequences of tillage implements, and (b) initial seed distribution values. Results of this model are particularly suited for weed seed emergence modeling. However, the model can be adapted easily to any surface broadcasted agrochemical or incorporated residues. T

Soil Temperature and Moisture Model

The STM2 model predicts the soil temperature and moisture conditions based on very limited user inputs. 

SolarCalc 1.0

SolarCalc is a computer model to estimate hourly incoming solar radiation  from limited meteorological data.

SolarCalQ - Version 1

The purpose of the SolarCalQ Version 1 JAVA model is to simulate the spectral quality of incident solar radiation for any location on the globe, down to one minute time steps.

WeedCast Version 4

The WeedCast Software Suite is a decision aid that currently includes the WeedCast and WheatScout models. These models were created by the USDA ARS and the University of Wisconsin. The software is written in Java and is free to download and use. The source code is released under the GPL.

Zip Search – Version 0.9

The purpose of this tool is to estimate latitude and longitude from a user inputted zip code. This tool has been useful in collecting latitude and longitude data for users within the US that may not have known their corresponding latitude and longitude information.
Last Modified: 3/25/2013
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