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ARS scientists publish results of their research projects in many formats. Listed below are the publications from research projects conducted at this location.

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1998 Publications
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Population Structure of Aphanomyces Cochlioides in Minnesota, North Dakota and Texas
(Abstract Only)
Fusarium Graminearum Infection on Wheat Spikes: Early Events
(Abstract Only)
Relationship Between Phyllosphere Population Sizes of Xanthomonas Translucens Pv. Translucens and Bacterial Leaf Streak Severity on Wheat Seedlings
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Competition Between Strains of a Pathogenic Fungus in Plant Leaves
(Abstract Only)
Virulence and Diversity of Wheat Leaf Rust in the United States in 1993-1995
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Competition Between Strains of a Pathogenic Fungus in Plant Leaves
(Abstract Only)
Oat Rusts in North America, 1995-97
Overexpression of Host Response Genes: Effects on Cellular Responses to Fungal Pathogens
(Abstract Only)
Genetic Mapping of Avirulence Genes in the Wheat Stem Rust Fungus, Puccinia Graminis
(Abstract Only)
Rust Disease of Oregano and Sweet Marjoram in California
Constraints on the Use of DE Wit Models to Analyze Competitive Interactions
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
The Rusts of Wheat in the United States in 1997
Rapid Embryogenesis and Plant Regeneration of Target Tissue Derived from Juvenile Shoots for Transformation of Oat by Microprojectile Bombardment
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Genetic Engineering of Disease Resistance in Cereals
(Review Article)
Pycnial Nectar of Uredinales Induces Formation of Caps on Pycniospores of Opposite Mating Type
(Abstract Only)
Barley Rusts in the United States in 1997
Genetic Diversity and Spatial Distribution of Aphanomyces in Minnesota and North Dakota Sugarbeet Fields
Leaf Rust Virulence Frequency in the United States
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