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ARS scientists publish results of their research projects in many formats. Listed below are the publications from research projects conducted at this location.

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2015 Publications
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A virulent babesia bovis strain failed to infect white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Subdominant outer membrane antigens in anaplasma marginale: conservation, antigenicity, and protective capacity using recombinant protein
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Loss of immunization-induced epitope-specific CD4 T-cell response following anaplasma marginale infection requires presence of the T-cell epitope on the pathogen and is not associated with an increase in lymphocytes
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
The placenta shed from goats with classical scrapie is infectious to goat kids and lambs
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
PRNP variants in goats reduce sensitivity of detection of PrPSc by immunoassay
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Staphylococcus aureus induces hypoxia and cellular damage in porcine dermal explants
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Transfection of babesia bovis by double selection with WR99210 and blasticidin-S and its application for functional analysis of thioredoxin peroxidase-1
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Evaluation of the importance of VlsE antigenic variation for the enzootic cycle of borrelia burgdorferi
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Role of PRNP S127 allele in experimental goat infection with classical caprine scrapie
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Association of anaplasma marginale strain superinfection with infection prevalence within tropical regions
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Molecular and serological in-herd prevalence of Anaplasma marginale infection in Texas cattle
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Linking human health and livestock health: a “one-health” platform for integrated analysis of human health, livestock health, and economic welfare in livestock dependent communitities
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Rational development of an attenuated recombinant cyprinid herpesvirus 3 vaccine using prokaryotic mutagenesis and in vivo bioluminescent imaging
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Experimental transmission of equine hepacivirus in horses as a model for hepatitis C virus
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
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