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Producing & Conserving Energy
item Integrated management of downy brome in winter wheat (Sep 2015)
item Birds and butterflies respond to soil-induced habitat heterogeneity in experimental plantings of tallgrass prairie species managed as agroenergy feedstocks in Iowa, USA (Jul 2015)
item A review of long-term organic comparison trials in the U.S. (Jun 2015)
item Water quality in organic systems (Jun 2015)
item Integration of weed management and tillage practices in spring barley production (Jun 2015)
item Comparisons of annual no-till spring cereal cropping systems in the Pacific Northwest (Jun 2015)
item Impacts of bulk soil microbial community structure on rhizosphere microbiomes of Zea mays (Jun 2015)
item Soil type and species diversity influence selection on physiology in Panicum virgatum (May 2015)
item Spectral indices for yellow canola flowers (May 2015)
item Factors influencing soil aggregation and particulate organic matter responses to bioenergy crops across a topographic gradient (May 2015)
item Recovery of bacterial and fungal communities from soil through the use of pressure cycling technology (Apr 2015)
item On-combine, multi-sensor data collection for post-harvest assessment of environmental stress in wheat (Mar 2015)
item Phytoremediation of high phosphorus soil by annual ryegrass and common bermudagrass harvest (Jan 2015)
item Winter rye cover crop effect on corn seedling pathogens (Nov 2014)
item Differences in soil texture and roots influence C storage through impacts on microbial enzyme activities across a heterogeneous agroecosystem (Mar 2014)
item Nitrous oxide emissions from intensively managed agroecosystems: The role of carbon inputs (Dec 2013)
item Stream bank erosion in grazed pasture stream reaches of southern Iowa, USA (Oct 2013)
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