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Screening Technologies
item Development of a 96-well plate iodine binding assay for amylose content determination (Sep 2014)
item Advanced potato breeding clones: Storage and processing evaluation (May 2014)
item Generation of a mixolab profile after the evaluation of the functionality of different commercial wheat flours for hot-press tortilla production (Mar 2014)
item Effect of high molecular weight glutenin subunit composition in common wheat on dough properties and steamed bread quality (Mar 2014)
item Position of modifying groups on starch chains of octenylsuccinic anhydride-modified waxy maize starch (Jan 2014)
item Wheat bran particle size influence on phytochemical extractability and antioxidant properties (Jan 2014)
item Effects of sorghum flour addition on chemical and rheological properties of hard white winter wheat (Nov 2013)
item Determining cereal starch amylose content using a dual wavelength iodine binding 96 well plate assay (Sep 2013)
item Marketing potential of advanced breeding clones (Jul 2013)
item Registration of 'TAM 113' wheat (Dec 2012)
item Wheat breeding and quality evaluation in the U.S. (Jun 2012)
item Marketing potential of advanced breeding clones (May 2012)
item A rapid, small-scale sedimentation method to predict breadmaking quality of hard winter wheat (May 2012)
item Effect of high molecular weight glutenin subunit allelic composition on wheat flour tortilla quality (May 2012)
item Can protein levels be economically increased? (May 2012)
item Storage and processing evaluation of advanced potato breeding clones (Apr 2012)
item Measuring cattle feedlot dust using laser diffraction analysis (Jan 2012)
item Rheology, microstructure and baking characteristics of frozen dough containing Rhizopus chinensis lipase and transglutaminase (Nov 2011)
item Breadings - What they are and how they are used (Aug 2011)
item Digestibility of rice (Oryza sativa L.) flours and starches differing in amylose content (Aug 2011)
item Effects of transglutaminase on the rheological and noodle-making characteristics of oat dough containing vital wheat gluten or egg albumin (Jul 2011)
item Marketing potential of advanced breeding clones (May 2011)
item Advanced potato breeding clones: storage and processing evaluation (Apr 2011)
item Protein and quality characterization of triticale translocation lines in breadmaking (Dec 2010)
item Protein and quality characterization of complete and partial near isogenic lines of waxy wheat (Dec 2010)
item Protein and Quality Characterization of Triticale Translocation Lines in Bread Making (Nov 2010)
item Improving the french fry quality of russeted potatoes through transformation with the anti-sweetening gene (UgpA) from the Chipping cv. Snowden (Aug 2010)
item Dakota Trailblazer: A new, dual-purpose russet cultivar with Verticillium wilt resistance (Aug 2010)
item Association analysis reveals effects of wheat glutenin alleles and rye translocations on dough-mixing properties (Sep 2009)
item Registration of 'Bill Brown' Wheat (Sep 2008)
item Registration of 'Ripper' Wheat (May 2007)
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